Ready or not?

Posted March 15, 2012 in Labelling Updates

Our Head of Regulatory Affairs Lorraine Eve blogs about her presentation at easyFairs Packaging Innovations.

I presented a seminar recently at easyFairs Packaging Innovations at Birmingham’s NEC about the challenges for manufacturers in complying with the New EU Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers.

My presentation threw up a number of concerns from manufacturers about the difficulties involved in adapting to the new rules. One of the most significant changes – the minimum font size – will have repercussions on every part of the labelling cycle; from packaging to design to marketing and legal, so there was much debate about the obvious cost impact.

It was positive to see that manufacturers aren’t burying their heads in the sand when it comes to the regulations, although there remains a lot of uncertainty about what their next steps should be.

Many within the food and drink industry are still unclear as to what the best approach is in adhering to the rules. They are eager for further guidance from Defra and the Department of Health particularly on the technical elements, but also need a clear interpretation of the rules to allow them to take the right actions to ensure there are no unnecessary costs.

With so much uncertainty still, it will be interesting to see which manufacturers are ready in two years’ time.