Allergen labelling question over rapeseed protein

Posted April 15, 2014 in Labelling Updates
Klaudyna Terlicka

Klaudyna Terlicka

EU: Interesting allergen labelling provision included under draft authorisation of rapeseed protein as a novel food ingredient

The proposed legislation authorises rapeseed protein as a novel food ingredient to be used in foodstuffs in general.

It requires an easily visible and legible statement that the product which contains ‘rapeseed protein’ as a food ingredient may cause an allergic reaction to consumers with an allergy to mustard and products thereof. This statement would have to be placed in close proximity to the list of ingredients.

The above provision is the subject of a recently published parliamentary question to the European Commission, particularly:

  • Whether rapeseed protein is considered an allergen and whether it should be listed under FIC Regulation; if not then whether it should be subject to special labelling requirements.
  • Whether there is a legal basis for such a special labelling requirement in the current novel foods regulation

The written question can be seen in full here