Global Regulatory Advice

We provide advice on all aspects of food law in the UK, EU and other major international markets, delivered in a clear, practical way to help you find commercial solutions to your labelling problems.

Global Regulatory Advice

Food law can be a frustrating minefield of complex legislation. Our mission is to break through the legal jargon and always keep our advice as simple, clear and practical as possible.

Whether you’re exporting to a new country and unsure of the regulatory requirements, or in need of a compositional check to ensure that your product doesn’t contain any restricted ingredients, our team of expert advisors are here to help you.

We advise on all aspects of food law in the UK, EU and other international markets, including:

  • General and product-specific labelling requirements
  • Product formulation and compositional standards
  • Marketing, nutrition and health claims
  • Advice on fortified, genetically modified and organic foods
  • Food additives, flavourings, enzymes and processing aids
  • Contaminants, pesticides and veterinary residues
  • Advice for engaging with authorities and enforcement bodies
  • Notification and registration procedures

We provide our regulatory services in over 70 countries and regions, so whatever challenges you might be facing, wherever in the world, we can help you and your business succeed.