Marketing Food and Drink in the UK – Cutting Through the Red Tape



Course: Marketing Food and Drink in the UK – Cutting Through the Red Tape

Duration: 1 day

Location: Central London

Date: TBC

Cost: £350 per person

How do you ensure your marketing is in line with food and drink regulations?

Getting your products to shelf can be a difficult process, especially in the increasingly regulated food and drinks environment.Manufacturers and retailers have to find a balance between product promotion and regulatory compliance, and it’s not always easy to know which marketing claims are legally acceptable, and which ones will cost you in clashes with the authorities. This course is designed to help you side-step the most common marketing mistakes made by companies in the food sector, and will provide key information on how to market your products legally, including:


  • What regulations and codes of practice govern the advertising of food and drink products in the UK?
  • How are advertising and promotion defined?
  • What are the resources available?
  • What are the key mistakes you should watch out for, when releasing marketing materials?


With this course, we will give you the tools and relevant knowledge you need to ensure that your marketing ideas are legally viable: being regulatory-ready will save you time and money on costly re-writes and allow you to focus on the other key aspects of developing your brand.

Using various practical examples, we will share with you the latest updates in this area and discuss some of the common errors and pitfalls. You’ll also have an opportunity to put your learnings into practice and check the compliance of some test materials, with practical exercises and discussions.


Training from one of our top experts

Claudine Lefebvre, our course leader, is a food regulatory affairs specialist with years of experience in the industry both from a legal and retail perspective. Her grounded, practical approach to label compliance is the perfect fit to ensure that this session tackles the practical problems facing your business in marketing your products.


Is this course for me?


This course is aimed at marketing managers, regulatory managers and anyone developing or checking marketing materials in the food and drink industry, whether in retail or manufacturing. 

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