Regulatory Advice

Accurate Assured Advice

Whether you need advice on the current UK food labelling regulations, or want to know how International requirements will impact your products, we can advise how your labelling information will have to change and the timescales you’ll need to work to!

Regulatory Advice

We can advise on all aspects of food labelling law in the EU, UK and other major European and international markets, from ingredients list requirements and allergen labelling to date marking and nutrition labelling and claims. Our full regulatory service allows you to launch your products will full confidence that they comply to the requirements in every market.

  • Multilingual label approval
  • Formulation and Spec checks
  • Advertising and Marketing Claims
  • Compositional standards
  • Nutrition and health claims
  • Food supplement and Novel food advice
  • Crisis Management and Expert Witness support

Our expertise can help you make sense of the complex global regulations but we will not just update you on the regulations; as part of our service to you, we will apply our experience and our passion to advise on what you need to do to comply with them.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services

We can provide food and non-food regulatory advice on key areas of a product’s life cycle from concept through to market, including specification completion and pack copy generation, right through to artwork approval.

If you need help with training, consultancy projects, interpretation, emerging legislation or artwork approval we are here to help.

Keep it Simple

Food law can be a frustrating minefield of complex legislation, so our aim is to break through the complicated legal jargon and always keep our advice as simple, clear and flexible as possible.