Non-Food Labelling Advice

Non-Food Regulatory Solutions

Ashbury Labelling provides support and advice to ensure your products are compliant with legislation and corporate requirements; we are dedicated to tailoring a commercial solution for non-food home products.

Non-Food Labelling Advice

Non-food products cover a diverse range of products in the home. Specific product areas have attracted harmonisation regarding regulations, while other product areas are still subject to local market conditions. Our advisors originate from manufacturing or Trading Standards backgrounds and are skilled in the areas of product development and dealing with product regulation. We keep our clients aware of safety and environmental legislation changes, so they can­ ensure they meet the market requirements.

Ashbury Labelling can help:

  • Ensure product artwork and labelling comply with current/upcoming regulatory requirements
  • Ensure global health and environmental compliance for your products on a national/international scale
  • Provide support with pack copy generation where required
  • Avoid excessive product labelling to help maintain a marketing edge while protecting your brand
  • Manage compliance strategy and risk mitigation
  • Provide advice regarding enforcement challenges
  • Review advertisement checking and trade descriptions
  • Minimise business impacts such as loss of sales, product recall and obsolete inventory
  • Review existing product labelling and global expansion as necessary to ensure you maintain your business plan

At Ashbury Labelling we pride ourselves on supplying a bespoke service tailored to our clients’ requirements for all household non-food retail products. Two examples of product areas we provide support for are:

Chemical-based Retail Products (for example detergents, toiletries and home fragrance)

Chemical products are subject to a system of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). The mandatory product labelling requirements are controlled by the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP), which have specific layout requirements and are ingredient specific. If your product contains a biocidal ingredient or specific marketing statements, you may have additional labelling and registration requirements under the new EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). These are areas where Ashbury Labelling can provide support and advice.

Electrical-based products (Battery or mains operated, lighting and mechanical)

Consumer electrical products need to be compliant with legislation such as the Low Voltage Directive, Restriction of Hazardous Substances and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive. These are often harmonised and we can advise regarding products/countries that fall within a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). This is a broad product area where legislative and testing requirements vary. We can provide advice based on the product and intended market.

Additional factors such as environmental labelling (eco-labels/recycling) and third party endorsements (A.I.S.E. for detergents) are areas for which we can provide global support.

These are just two examples of many complex regulatory areas we interpret on behalf of our clients and feedback in a practical and pragmatic manner for the intended market(s).

Additional services we are able to provide are:

  • Product safety and efficacy evaluations based on test results and supporting information provided
  • Compliance assurance process implementation
  • On-site consulting where required
  • Third party technical liaison
  • Regulatory strategy and information regarding submissions and registration for example products classed as a biocide
  • Product testing requirements for intended use and market when required