Specification & Artwork Approval

Approved by Ashbury

We work to the Right First Time standard. It is our firm belief that putting time and energy into completing accurate product specification information is critical in ensuring that the product label will be accurate, legal and honest.

Specification & Artwork Approval

We can advise on all aspects of specification completion and validation, including product name, ingredients declarations, compositional standards, food additives and flavourings usage, origin statements, QUID calculations and so on.

  • We offer advice on completing product specifications and ensuring pack copy labelling information is legally compliant.
  • We can check that any food additives used comply with the permitted uses and maximum levels

  • We can advise if your product must comply with any compositional standard or industry codes of practice
  • We can advise on any restricted ingredients such as genetically modified, irradiated, etc
  • We can help with QUID calculations

Working in partnership with major retailers we provide training on specification systems; for any questions on systems training please visit the website of our award-winning sister company, Ashbury Training