The Ashbury Way

What makes us different: Compliance with Confidence

Our services go beyond just legal advice – our unique approach means we focus on finding out about your business, working in partnership with you and sharing knowledge, so that we can give you the help, support and guidance you need to ensure your products are compliant with UK food legislation.

The Ashbury Way

Food Labelling is a complex business requiring clear communication between you, your internal teams, your suppliers, artwork providers, printers and supply chain partners in a single cohesive process to deliver an accurate label approved as Right First Time.

The Ashbury Way is the clearly defined process that ensures a Right First Time approach and is adopted by everyone at Ashbury Labelling.
The Ashbury Way delivers a stable, repeatable and measurable process at every stage of approval.
The Ashbury Way is a commitment from Ashbury Labelling to engage with all stakeholders to ensure approvals are Right First Time, every time, and employs continuous improvement principles to ensure we are always seeking ways to improve the process and the results.

How can we help you?

Our services are aimed at retailers and manufacturers of all sizes. Whether you’re an SME who needs help and advice with specification completion, or a large retailer needing high volume approval processes, or a global brand requiring complex multi-lingual solution, we can help!

Our experience leads us to focus our advice on ‘how to comply with the legislation’. We don’t just advise on the letter of the law but also on how to apply the law to your products to provide consumers with clear and accurate labelling.  It is our passion to communicate clearly to you as our client and also to consumers on the high street who expect honest, clear labels.  The pace of innovation in the food industry is faster than ever and this, combined with the new EU legislation changes, confronts you with increasing complexity and ever more difficult labelling decisions. Ashbury Labelling’s expertise can cut through the complexity to deliver to you advice that allows you to comply with the law while taking away the worry of accuracy.

Our experience allows us to put ourselves in your shoes, to treat your products as if they were our own and to look at the labelling requirements from the points of view of manufacturers, consumers and enforcers.

We will not give you the law and leave you to interpret and apply the law – we will interpret and apply the guidelines to enable you to launch innovative products with minimum delay.