Translation & Artwork Approval

Expanding into new, global markets? We will work with you to ensure that your product labels are legally compliant, thus avoiding errors that can lead to costly extra artwork production costs, product withdrawal or enforcement action

Translation & Artwork Approval

Meeting labelling requirements can be complex and time-consuming – even more so when you’re exporting your products to multiple countries and regions.

We can help you by translating your product information into the appropriate languages, and checking your product labels to ensure they meet labelling standards in your target markets. We work with you to adapt your labels to local legislation, to help your business keep up with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

With one of the largest international regulatory teams in the industry under one roof, we ensure a consistent and coherent approach to international labelling challenges – and save you the hassles of going to different providers.

We provide regulatory services in over 70 countries and regions, so whether you are selling your first products in your home country or are exporting to new markets, we have the expertise, passion and experience to make sure that your labels are right first time.